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Container Considerations on Your DevOps Journey

Containers are things for your things. That is true in the development world too - containers are things for your software, and, like containers for your things, software containers can help you be organized, efficient, and secure.

Chris Morgan (@cmorgan_cloud), the Technical Director, OpenShift Partner Ecosystem at Red Hat, delivered a keynote at the 2016 All Day DevOps conference. Chris lives and breathes containers and recently discussed how they are transforming DevOps pipelines.

Red Hat Summit is a Quality Choice: Here's Why

As the person at Sonatype responsible for marketing and channels, my team and I frequently sponsor, attend, and speak at a wide variety of technology conferences.

Over the years, we've learned first hand that not all of them are created equal. Turth be told, there are infinite options to choose from, and it's difficult to determine which ones are worthwhile, and which ones are not.

In that sense, technology conferences are quite similar to open source software components.  There is an infinite volume and variety of options; but identifying the ones that will add the most value to your business is tricky.   

Banking on Built-in Security Checks

You’ve seen the headlines: Financial services are a top target for hackers. From breaches at Anthem to cyberattacks at JPMorgan Chase, cybercrime has repeatedly been bad news for financial services companies, affecting not just customer accounts but share prices as well.

Sonatype attending Red Hat's Eclipse DemoCamp

The Open Source aficionados at Red Hat are hosting an Eclipse DemoCamp in Toronto, Ontario on Tuesday June 29. Red Hat works to bridge between the communities that create open source software and the enterprise customers who use it. They make the rapid innovation of open source technology consumable in mission-critical, enterprise environments.

Sonatype's Weekend Round Up

Red Hat at the Maven Meetup in Guelph

Sonatype is excited to announce that members of Red Hat, a leader in open source development, will be presenting at our upcoming Maven Meetup. Red Hat will join IBM, Research in Motion, and Sonatype developers in giving presentations and showcasing their latest project during our Eclipse DemoCamp.

The meetup will take place on Wednesday June 16, in Guelph Ontario. The day will begin with presentations for world-class developers, covering topics such as Maven, m2eclipse, API Tooling, and p2.

Following dinner, we will be hosting an Eclipse DemoCamp, where members of the local tech community will take the stage and present their latest projects.

This is a free event, but seating is limited, so to reserve your spot in the audience or as a DemoCamp participant, register today.