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MavenBook (Alpha 0.7): Updated the Assemblies Chapter
by Tim OBrien on May 17, 2008

Tags: Everything Open Source

I've finished a quick production update of John Casey's original Maven Assemblies chapter in Maven: The Definitive Guide. This chapter provides a great deal of information about the Maven Assembly plugin and has some recommendations and best practices. Check it out, and send any feedback to

This chapter is massive, and it took me a surprisingly long time to process John's original chapter. John wrote the original in a Pages document that was something like 50+ pages in length. I had to copy the whole thing to XMLMind and translate it to the super-fancy, annotated, xref, example-ridden DocBook XML format.

As I went, I rearranged a few things, rewrote a bunch of copy, and tried to add what I could to support John's original content. The end product is a chapter that leaves very little unexplored wrt Assemblies. Read it, review it, send your feedback to

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