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Nexus 1.0 Beta-4 Released

The 4th installment of the Nexus Maven Repository Manager has been released today. Download it from the Nexus Site.

Enhancements / New Features:

  • Ability to Define Base URL for hosting behind Apache/Proxy
  • Artifact Upload via the UI
  • Scheduled Services
    • Service to Evict unused artifact from Proxy Repositories
    • Snapshot Removal Services
    • Reindex / Clear Caches / Publish Group Index services
  • Group Browsing
  • Left Nav menu optimization and cleanup
    • Search Box added to Left Nav
    • Logs and Config screens combined
    • Maintenance and Configuration Sections collapsed
    • Online help section added
    • RSS Feeds combined into a new UI, new Feeds added
  • Search Result Paging

You can read more and download the bundle from the Nexus Project. And you can read more about Nexus in the Nexus Chapter of Maven: The Definitive Guide.

Next up is Beta-5 with a complete rework of the Authorization / Authentication to support Role based access.

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