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Updates to Nexus Chapter: Services, Security, and more...

There's been a new release of Nexus verion 1.0.0-beta-4. To download this new release, go to the Nexus Download Page, and download the release from July 3rd, 2008.

We've also updated the Nexus chapter in the online version of the book to coincide with this release. Changes include a post-install checklist, scheduled services, and coverage of other new features. Including...

  • A Post-install Checklist: Run through this post-install checklist to make sure that your proxied repositories are downloading the remote indexes
  • Scheduled Services: Nexus now has support for scheduled services which can run on arbitrary schedules. These services are used for such things as publishing indexes or clearing caches.
  • Expanded Coverage of Using Nexus: Browsing Repositories, Groups, and searching for Artifacts
  • A section on the System Feeds: Nexus publishes a set of RSS feeds which track system events.
  • Reading Nexus logs and configuration files from the Nexus UI
  • Instructions for using the new deployment user to conduct secure deployments to hosted repositories.
  • Modifying your Maven settings to work with the deployment user security
  • ...and more...

Check it out. Go to the Nexus Project Site and Read the Nexus Chapter.

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