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Atlassian, you should try Nexus
by Brian Fox on September 08, 2008

Tags: Nexus Repo Reel

I was researching an indexing bug we've been having with Confluence when I came across this FAQ entry:

Maven complains it is "Unable to download the artifact from any repository."

We use Maven project's Archiva Maven Proxy to act as our Maven repository. Sometime, however, artifact downloads fail because of Archiva's instabilities. If you run into messages like this, sometimes a second attempt will succeed in dowbloading the artifact. If it doesn't work after a few times, then the artifact may be truly missing. You can search our Archiva to confirm this.

So if it doesn't work, just try it again. Kinda reminds me of this skit.

Update: Apparently this is still an ongoing issue.

Atlassian, maybe you should try Nexus instead. See what our users are saying:

"the maven repository that's a dream to install and use"

"Sonatype new nexus maven2 repo manager is looking very good"

"Finally, a Maven Repository Manager that works!

"Sonatype's Nexus makes local Maven repositories easy"

"get a proxy in place. Have been using sonatype nexus and it does a very good job"

"Considering Nexus instead of Archiva for a Maven Repo. Nexus doesn't need a db. (It's lucene + filesystem)"

"man nexus needs to be installed by default for anyone using maven"

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