A Late Report on a Late Event

October 21, 2008 By Tamas Cservenak

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It's been more than a year that I'm working for Sonatype (mainly on Nexus), the successor of Proximity. It was a great year, spent with cool people, and with great events like (in order as they happened):

  • my daughter was born,
  • we released Nexus 1.0 to general public.

The events were originally planned to be in the opposite order, but Brian was delaying Nexus with his nitty-gritty wishes -- you know him ;) --, and my daughter decided to take over. All this happened before almost 8 months. So, sorry for this late report.

But since then, my daughter was contributing a lot to quality, design and implementation of Nexus MRM. Almost at the start, she jumped in the role of "lead gaffer" (it resembles the "superman" pose slightly):

Also, she insisted on using the "thinking hat" very much, when solving almost impossible tasks requested by Brian:

Examined all the tools she had at disposal to solve problems:

She had a lot of "developer to developer"-like consultations with some open-source gurus:

And attended the "How to write server applications to suite all Brian's needs, 2008" conference held in Prague (no, she was not having beer, rather just "light refreshing discussion"):


Oh, and why was it a "late event"? Since we have a huge shift in timezones (I am GMT+2, Brian is GMT-4 and mr. Cupertino is usually GMT-7, if not at home), and I am the "minority" -- at least in head-count. So, the common sense dictated that I should live the "vampire life" and follow their work hours, as I did.

And my daughter Petra was patient, she waited for me to finish, and came at the end of my work day, hence, in late hours in local time.

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Written by Tamas Cservenak

Tamas is a former Senior Develoepr at Sonatype. He has over 15 years of experience developing software systems in Public Services, Telco and Publishing industries.