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Nexus Book Edition 1.3: Printable PDF and Archiva Migrations

Announcing the availability of Repository Management with Nexus, Edition 1.3. Learn Nexus today by:

This edition contains three major changes from Edition 1.2, and a series of smaller changes that are captured in the release notes included at the end of this blog post:

  • A new appendix detailing the migration process for hosted and proxy repositories from Archiva to Nexus.
  • General formatting and bug fixes throughout the book.
  • Professional print-quality PDF: The PDF now contains vector art, screenshots sized for print resolution, better fonts, and has been resized to an industry-standard print size.

Repository Management with Sonatype Nexus

The following changes were introduced in Edition 1.3 on August 17, 2009:

The following improvements were made to the Nexus Book PDF:

  • Resized book to Crown Quarto (7.444" x 9.681"). (NXBOOK-119)
  • Configured alternating margins for the PDF copy of the book.
  • Modified Figure Images for Print PDF. Bitmap images scaled to
    improve print quality:
    • Added Print Resolution Version of Figure 6.1
    • Added Print Resolution Version of Figure 8.1

    • Added Print Resolution version for Figure 8.2
    • Added Print Resolution Version of Figure 9.1
    • Added Print Resolution Version of Figure 9.1
    • Added Print Resolution Version of Figure 9.2
  • Fixed Code Overflow Issues in:
    • Fix Code Overflow Problems in Example 6.1
    • Fix Code Overflow Problem in Example 9.1
    • Fix the Code Overflow Problem in Section 9.4.4
    • Fix Code Overflow Issue in Section 10.3.3

    • Fix Code Overflow After Figure 11.1 (NXBOOK-80)
  • Upgrade Nexus Book build to use Docbkx Plugin version 2.0.9.
  • Configure Nexus Book build to use fop-images-pdf for inclusion
    of Vector-based figures. (NXBOOK-71)
  • Remove Header from Nexus Book PDF. (NXBOOK-120)
  • Nexus Book PDF Body Text now Justified. (NXBOOK-121)
  • All Fonts are Bundled in the Book PDF (NXBOOK-127):

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