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Flexmojos 3.4.2 is out!
by Marvin Froeder on November 02, 2009

Tags: Sonatype Says

Flexmojos 3.4.2 is out!

Flexmojos provides first-class support for Flex and AIR development within Apache Maven. It allows Maven to compile, optimize, and test Flex SWF, Flex SWC, Air SWF and Air SWC.

We are proud to announce that Flexmojos now supports Flexunit4 and Fluint, being the first maven plugin to support Flexunit 4.

You can see all the other changes in Jira.

This is likely the last release in the 3.x series (although any critical bug will force a new release). Flexmojos 4.x development is focusing Flex 4. It probably won't be compatible with Flex 3, but Flex 3 is well served by Flexmojos 3.x. Maven version will be bumped too, to Maven 2.2.1 or Maven 3, which contain some bug fixes not available on Maven 2.x (Flexmojos 3.x still compatible with Maven 2.0.9).

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