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Maven in the Wild: Smart's Mythbusters and a Review of the Maven Book
by Tim OBrien on January 12, 2010

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John Smart has been dealing out smackdown with his Maven Mythbusters series over on his Wakaleo Consulting blog. His first two entries in this series debunk some persistent myths about Maven:

These are important articles for you to read if you have been responsible for introducing Maven into a new environment. Invariably, every time you introduce Maven somewhere new, you'll meet up with people echoing some of these myths. The idea that Maven takes seven minutes to run the Clean plugin, or that Maven requires internet access is nothing more than FUD, and John Smart is doing a good job dismantling these myths. Read these posts on John Smart's blog.

A Review of Maven By Example

In other news, John Yeary has been diving into Maven by Example. John writes of the book:

This turned out to be a really good book on learning Maven. It is a Creative Commons licensed book so that it offers the community a chance to update the book and add content. Like any great open source project, giving the community to have a direct chance to update the project produces a better final product.

Even better than that, John found some issues in Chapter 7 and he's taken the time to start reporting issues. This is just the sort of involved community we had in mind when we decided to release the books as a free project. John has already reported typos and errors in the Nexus book which were addressed in the last two editions of the Nexus book. We're happy that John liked the book, and we're also happy that he's taking the time to help us improve it. Thanks.

I sent John a shipment of Maven and Nexus books in December as part of our effort to get the word out to the community. If you run a JUG or related technical user group. Get in touch with us by sending an email to We're very interested in helping to support to communities that use Maven and Nexus. Let us know how we can help.

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