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Nexus Scheduled Jobs: Video Walkthrough of Major Features
by Tim OBrien on February 17, 2010

Tags: nexus pro, Nexus Repo Reel, Sonatype Says, video

The following demonstration video was shown in the Sonatype booth at last month's Jfokus 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden. This video provides a quick walkthrough of the major features in Nexus Scheduled Jobs.

Highlights of this demonstration:

Time (M:SS) Note
0:29 Managing Nexus Scheduled Jobs
0:32 Creating a New Scheduled Job
0:58 Configuring Task Settings
1:23 Job Email Notification
1:32 Configuring a Job's Schedule
1:32 Configuring a Job's Schedule
1:55 Manual Execution of a Task
2:15 Available Task Types
2:31 Schedule Recurrence Options
2:45 Scheduling a Job using a CRON Expression
2:59 Monthly Scheduling
3:03 Weekly Scheduling
3:13 Daily Scheduling
3:21 Hourly Scheduling
3:31 Task Type: Scheduled Backups
3:39 Task Type: Scheduled Remote Index Downloads
3:49 Task Type: Emptying the Trash
3:57 Task Type: Evicting Unused Proxy Artifacts
4:05 Task Type: Expiring Repository Caches
4:10 Task Type: Publishing Indexes
4:19 Task Type: Purging Nexus Timeline
4:25 Task Type: Rebuilding Maven Metadata
4:29 Task Type: Reindexing Repositories
4:37 Task Type: Removing Snapshots
4:43 Task Type: Synchronizing Shadow Repository
4:49 Task Type: Mirror an Eclipse Update Site

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