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Sonatype at JAX 2010 in Germany

This May Sonatype's founder, Jason van Zyl, will be speaking at JAX 2010 in Germany. Van Zyl will be making two presentations at JAX, on the Next Generation Maven Development Stack, and Enterprise Development with m2eclipse, Nexus, and Hudson. JAX is a world-leading comprehensive conference on web and enterprise development.

It provides an ideal forum for software developers, project managers and architects to learn about the latest Technology, Architecture and Agile Methodologies. It is this very special blend of topics which has made JAX the conference of choice in Germany, India and Asia since its conception in 2001. The primary goal of JAX is to showcase technical solutions for today's problems and offer visions to the important trends of tomorrow.

For more information about Sonatype at JAX 2010, visit our event site.

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