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Sonatype and the Open Source Community

May 11, 2010 By Heather Loney

Sonatype is committed to supporting the development of quality open source software. Our project philosophy is based in part on the importance of offering developers open source products with basic functionality at no cost. We've also made it a priority that add-on products, such as m2eclipse and Nexus, work together seamlessly.

Recently we came across this post that highlights the importance of smaller shops having access to quality cohesive technology, especially if they don't have the budget for commercial licenses.

Our own little shop is too small to send [Sonatype] a check for a Nexus Pro license, so instead our shop ends up being an early adopter, helping out by using the technology early, when it isn't as suitable for widespread success. Hopefully that helps Sonatype, even if just a little bit.

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Written by Heather Loney

Heather is the Communications and Community Engagement Officer at the Upper Grand District School Board. Prior to her current position, Heather was the Senior Producer for Special Projects at Global News and a Copy Editor at Sonatype. Heather managed a team of digital journalists, covering national and international events, as well as consumer, tech and lifestyle news for Heather has significant experience in journalism, new media, digital storytelling, SEO and social media best practices, WordPress and other content management systems, photography and research.