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Maven by Example now available as an ePub

We've received a steady stream of requests to release "Maven by Example" and "Maven: The Complete Reference" in the ePub format. Today, we're announcing the availability of Maven by Example as an ePub. Download Maven by Example today and start learning about Maven.

This release has been tested on Apple's iBook on both an iPad and iPhone and in the Adobe Digital Editions reader. To read this book on an iPad or iPhone: install the latest version of iTunes, download the ePub from Sonatype, and import the file using "Add to Library..." from the File menu.

We would appreciate any feedback you might have about formatting and layout. If you have questions, comments, or problem reports about our ePub books, send an email to If you are reporting a typo or a problem with our ePub books, please make sure to include the device and software you are using as well as the section number, as page counts can vary depending on text size and device layout.

Stay tuned for "Maven: The Complete Reference" in an ePub format.

Update: The epub version of this book has been deprecated, since current mobile devices all display pdf formats easily and the epub version had very limited users, while requiring a lot of maintenance . The links on this article have been changed to point to the books site.

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