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"Maven: The Complete Reference" Now Available as an epub

Sonatype is pleased to announce the availability of our most popular book, Maven: The Complete Reference, as an epub. Click here access the book and start reading this book on a mobile device.

If you have any questions or feedback, we encourage you to send email to If you have any problems to report, please include the section number and the type of mobile device you are reading this book on. This book has been tested on iPad, iPhone, Sony Reader library and the Adobe Digital Edition reader.

If you are new to Maven, don't forget to check out Nexus Open Source and Nexus Professional. If you develop with Maven, you should be using Nexus. Once you start using a Repository Manager, you won't believe you ever developed without one.

Update: The epub version of this book has been deprecated, since current mobile devices all display pdf formats easily and the epub version had very limited users, while requiring a lot of maintenance. The links on this article have been changed to point to the books site.

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