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Maven: The Complete Reference
by Heather Loney on November 12, 2010

Tags: Sonatype Says, Sonatype, Maven

Sonatype books are the essential references for anyone working with Apache Maven, repository management, and integrating Maven with Eclipse.

Learn best practices, central concepts, and complete integration for Maven, Nexus Professional, and m2eclipse. Sonatype books offer the latest content for the software development tools you depend on.

The second book in our series of books available for downloading is Maven: The Complete Reference.

This book is the essential reference for anyone working with Apache Maven. Explore the details of the POM, Maven Settings, Maven Archetypes.

Why Maven?

Maven is a software build tool, but it is much more than that. Maven is also a project management tool. It is designed to be flexible, easy, and intuitive – to be a more efficient and comprehensive build tool.

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