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Maven by Example: Minor Update to Edition 0.5.2

Sonatype used to make a habit of posting updates for every single book update no matter how major of minor the update might be, and several of you use told us that you miss these posts. To this end, we're happy to announce a minor update to Maven by Example.

Maven by Example is our introductory Maven book. The chapters in this book used to be the first half of Maven: The Definitive Guide, and once that book grew beyond 500-pages we decided to split it up into Maven by Example and Maven: The Complete Reference.

While this particular update is very minor, we're busy laying the groundwork for a refresh of both of our Maven titles over the next few months.

Here is a comprehensive list of changes in Maven by Example Edition 0.5.2:

Special thanks to:

  • Andreas Grunewald for reporting various issues and typos throughout the book.
  • Ion Iovu for identifying typos in the book.
  • John Yeary for catching hard to find cross referencing issues and various other issues.
  • Grant Birchmeier for catching capitalization errors throughout the book.

You can read Maven by Example online or you can register for a download by clicking here.

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