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Sonatype Professional for Managers & Team Leaders webinar

This Thursday Sonatype is hosting a free webinar on Sonatype Professional for Managers and Team Leaders. Effectively managing the software development lifecycle is more complex and challenging than ever. While open-source tools like Maven have streamlined the software build process, managers still have concerns about software quality, developer productivity, and the complexity of integrating and managing scores of open source technologies.

Sonatype Professional enables Maven-centric development teams to deliver better software faster. Sonatype Professional is a suite of next generation development infrastructure specifically designed to extend the Maven ecosystem to improve both the speed and quality of your Java development projects. Sonatype Professional integrates the m2eclipse, Nexus Professional, and Matrix Professional (Hudson-based continuous integration) and adds unique developer onboarding functionality to get you productive fast. Register to learn how Sonatype Professional can help your team to improve quality, efficiency, and productivity.

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