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How to sign up for Sonatype's book announcements
by Tim OBrien on January 14, 2011

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Sonatype's documentation effort is an important component of our outreach to the community. We maintain the canonical reference for Maven, Nexus, and m2eclipse, making it easier for people to enter into the Maven ecosystem. While we've heard a lot of positive feedback from people over the past few years, we've also heard a common complaint: "How do we keep up with changes to the book?"

Up until now, our answer has been to direct people to this blog. Since the blog contains business-focuses announcements, technical content, and other information it is difficult for people only interested in our books to pick out our announcements. To make it easier for people to get immediate notification of an upgrade or new edition of one of our books, we've created a Book Notification email list.

To join Sonatype's Book Notification list, send an email to:

What will we send to this list?

If you subscribe to this list you will get an announcement every time we press the publish button on one of the following books:

  • Maven: The Complete Reference
  • Maven by Example
  • The m2eclipse Book
  • The Nexus Book
  • The Sonatype Professional Book
  • The Maven Cookbook

Each email will contain a short description of the edition and a detail listing of changes to each edition. We hope that this change helps the people that have come to depend on Sonatype's open source documentation efforts, and we welcome your feedback at

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