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Building Eclipse plugins and RCP applications with Tycho, Nexus & Hudson

The schedule for EclipseCon 2011 has been announced, and the Sonatype team is excited to host talks and workshops throughout the week.

Sonatype's Jason van Zyl, Pascal Rapicault, and Igor Fedorenko, along with Jan Sievers from SAP AG, are holding a three-hour workshop on building Eclipse plugins and RCP applications with Tycho, Nexus and Hudson.

Build automation and continuous integration are central to the production of quality enterprise software. Without automation it is often difficult to keep track of defects and communicate build status. One of the goals of the Maven project is to bring efficient build automation to enterprise development, and as more organizations start to develop Eclipse plugins and RCP applications, there is a greater need for Maven to interoperate with the Eclipse platform. This tutorial will provide first hand experience in how to use Tycho, Nexus & Hudson to build Eclipse plugins and RCP applications.

To learn more about Sonatype at EclipseCon 2011, click here.

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