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The Next Step in Transforming Software Development

Today we announced Sonatype Insight™, a new product line designed to help application development organizations gain better visibility and control over their use of open source components.

This is an exciting step in the evolution of Sonatype.

From our early beginnings with the Apache Maven project, to our leadership on such key projects as Nexus, m2eclipse, Hudson, p2 and Tycho, and through our stewardship of the Central Repository, we’ve always been committed to transforming software development through the use of open source.

What’s next? How do we ensure the continued successful adoption and growth of open source in software development? How do we help balance the beneficial economics, efficiency, and quality of open source with legitimate management concerns about quality, security, and licensing?

This challenge led us to build Insight. Insight lets developers leverage open source freely while reducing unnecessary risks. It provides visibility and control without bureaucracy. It enables governance without burden. In short, it’s a product suite that we, as developers, would be pleased to have in our environment.

Feedback from our pre-release customers has been very positive. They see what we see – organizations need actionable information without disrupting their development processes. They want to use more open source, but must avoid quality, security, and licensing risks. They need productivity, not bureaucracy, manual research, and rework.

We’re excited about Insight and about our continued commitment to open source. I’d encourage you to learn more at or to contact me at if you have questions.


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