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Nexus 2.0.2 Released: Critical Fix for Eclipse Proxies
by Tim OBrien on March 12, 2012

Tags: Nexus Repo Reel

We've cut a new release of Nexus 2.0.2 today. This release fixes a critical issue with the support for P2 proxies. People who were using Nexus to proxy the update site were unable to proxy artifacts because of an issue with a newly published p2 metdata file. If you are affected, download Nexus 2.0.2 today:

Bug fixes in this release:

  • What good is an Eclipse Update site proxy if it can't read the contents of the update site? Luckily you don't have to answer that question because we fixed a bug that was caused by an unanticipated change to the update sites. A newly published "p2.index" file was causing problems for people who were proxying, this issue has been fixed. (NXCM-3938)
  • Automating LDAP configuration via the REST services? Well "/service/local/ldap/servers" was returning the wrong URL for a resource. This has been fixed. (NXCM-3946)
  • If an anonymous user was trying to access a NuGet repository without the appropriate permissions we weren't returning a 401. This issue has been addressed in 2.0.2. (NXCM-3946)

Nexus OSS is available for download here:

To download Nexus Professional, go here:

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