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Insufficient Security Controls for Smart Meters
by Ali Loney on April 10, 2012

Tags: News, security, AppSec Spotlight

April 10, Homeland Security Newswire - (New York) Insufficient security controls for smart meters. False data injection attacks exploit the configuration of power grids by introducing arbitrary errors into state variables while bypassing existing techniques for bad measurement detection; experts say the current generation of smart meters are not secure enough against false data injection attacks, Homeland Security Newswire reported April 10. nCircle recently announced results of a survey of 104 energy security professionals. The survey was sponsored by nCircle and EnergySec, a Department of Energy-funded public-private partnership that works to enhance cyber security of electric infrastructure. The online survey was conducted March 12 to 31. When asked, “Do smart meter installations have sufficient security controls to protect against false data injection?” 61 percent of respondents said “no.”


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