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Start Proxying .NET Packages NuGet Gallery with Nexus Professional
by Tim OBrien on April 17, 2012

Tags: Nexus Repo Reel, Sonatype Says, .net, visualstudio

Start Proxying .NET Packages NuGet Gallery with Nexus Pro

We announced that Nexus Professional added support for .NET and NuGet repositories, but I wanted to reiterate that message by supplying some very detailed instructions to walk you through the process. NuGet has quickly become the defacto way to install libraries in Visual Studio, and, in some ways, the IDE integration between Visual Studio and NuGet Gallery puts integration between Maven and Eclipse or IntelliJ to shame. The Outercurve Foundation and Microsoft have created a really compelling GUI for discovering and integrating new OSS components.

If you've downloaded Nexus Professional 2.0 to start using or evaluating support for .NET and NuGet packages. Here are the steps you need to take to get started. (Don't have Visual Studio, but you are still interested in exploring this feature? You can download Visual Web Developer 2010 Express and get started).

First, know that Nexus Professional doesn't ship with any NuGet repositories pre-configured.   The overall process for starting to proxy NuGet Gallery is to configure the required repositories on Nexus, group them into a single repository group, and then configure Visual Studio to read from Nexus.     To start proxying NuGet Gallery follow these How-tos in order:

This process is also captured in a shareable Link Bundle walking you through the same collection of related How-tos.

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