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When you run Nexus: "It Just Works"
by Tim OBrien on April 23, 2012

Tags: Nexus Repo Reel, Sonatype Says

Here's a message to nexus-user from Eric Kolotyluk an active Nexus user who just upgraded his instance of Nexus and sent this message to the Nexus Users mailing list:

OK, I had to move my Nexus to a different server.

1. I installed the latest version of Nexus Pro on the new server.
2. I copied over sonatype-work from the old server to the new server
3. I installed the license
4. It just works.

Great work Sonatype for continuing to improve the ease of administration.

Cheers, Eric

Sonatype invests an huge amount of effort in unit testing, integration test, and regression testing. Engineers are never pressured to sacrifice quality to meet a deadline, and our Engineering team goes out of their way to make sure that upgrades and installations are as straightforward as possible. It's great to get feedback like this, especially when it contains one of the more famous Apple, Inc slogans: "It just works".

While this user had a seamless upgrade experience, we still recommend that everyone installing and upgrading Nexus read both the Nexus 2.0 Release Notes and the Nexus Upgrade Instructions.

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