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High-ranked Sites Blacklisted By Google After Being Hijacked
by Ali Loney on May 16, 2012

Tags: News, AppSec Spotlight

Softpedia – (International) High-ranked sites blacklisted by Google after being hijacked. Zscaler experts scanned the first 1 million Web sites found in Alexa’s top listings and found 621 of them are blacklisted by Google, even though some of them are legitimate Web sites visited by numerous users every day. How can a legitimate Web site get on the Google Safe Browsing list? For instance, subtitleseeker(dot)com, a Web site that offers subtitles for movies and TV shows, is ranked 6,239. The site is not malicious in any way, though Google still cataloged it as such once it detected abnormal activity on it. According to Zscaler, Subtitle Seeker was compromised and altered to host a malicious JavaScript. Other examples include sites that promote “work from home” scams, adult content, and fake antivirus software, but the majority of them were altered to push malicious PDF files, adware, and other types of malware. Some sites were blacklisted because they were found to contain iframes and JavaScripts with malicious intent.


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