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Does Nexus Pro support your Gradle builds? Yes it does.
by Tim OBrien on June 15, 2012

Tags: Nexus Repo Reel, Gradle, Sonatype Says

In support of this week's release of Gradle 1.0, here's an evaluation guide for Nexus Professional using two, very simple Gradle projects. If you are evaluating Nexus Professional, or if you are just looking for some sample projects that configure a Gradle build to use a repository take a look at this guide. Take a look at this evaluation guide and download the associated sample projects. These two projects have build.gradle files that demonstrate the simplest case of configuring a Gradle build to:

  • Download dependencies from a Nexus Repository Group with Gradle
  • Deploy an Artifact to a Nexus Snapshot Repository from Gradle
  • Staging an Artifact to a Nexus Staging Repository from Gradle

Update 2013-05: The evaluation guide has been updated and is now available in HTML and PDF format.

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