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Malware-as-a-service Simplifies Launching Cyber-attacks
by Ali Loney on June 22, 2012

Tags: security, AppSec Spotlight

PC Magazine – (International) Malware-as-a-service simplifies launching cyber-attacks. Enterprising criminals are offering tools for crafting malicious campaigns, malware hosting, and command and control infrastructure as software-as-aservice, a research engineer at AlienVault said June 22. Called Capfire4, the service provides cyber-criminals who may not have the technical know-how all the necessary skills and knowledge needed to launch a cyberattack. With this cloud service, “clients” pay to access a Web portal where they can generate personalized trojans, manage and control the victims’ systems infected with their malware, and host their own malicious samples, according to the engineer. The portal is promoted as a service to remote control computers and “recover passwords,” he said.


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