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Oracle Warns EBS Users Of Auto-update To Java 7
by Ali Loney on June 15, 2012

Tags: security, AppSec Spotlight

H Security – (International) Oracle warns EBS users of auto-update to Java 7. In an urgent bulletin, Oracle advised its E-Business Suite (EBS) customers to immediately disable the automatic software update feature. The company said the autoupdate mechanism is distributing version 7 of Java (JRE 7), which has not been certified for use with the suite of business applications and can cause problems. Instead, administrators are advised to manually update all client machines to the latest version 6 release “on an ongoing basis.” For systems already inadvertently upgraded to Java 7, users were advised to uninstall it and reinstall the current Java 6 release. After November 2012, Oracle will no longer be publicly releasing updates for Java 6; the company said it is currently working to certify EBS with Java 7 but did not give a date for when this process will be completed.


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