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Nexus 2.1.2 Update Available Now: Minor Features and Fixes for both OSS and Pro
by Tim OBrien on August 21, 2012

Tags: Nexus Repo Reel, Sonatype Says, Open Source

We've cut another Nexus release: version 2.1.2 of both OSS and Pro contains several minor bug fixes.

  • To download the newest version of Nexus Professional 2.1.2, click here.
  • To download the newest version of Nexus Open Source 2.1.2, click here.

Here is a list of fixes in version 2.1.2 for Nexus Open Source: look at the JIRA release notes for the 2.1.2 release. For professional we fixed a number of minor errors:

  • Nexus Professional has been upgraded to work with the latest version of the NuGet Package Explorer
  • POST and GET operations in the new Maven Nexus Staging plugin have been updated to account for custom proxy configuration.
  • A number of stability fixes have been made to NuGet support in Nexus Professional

Happy proxying.

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