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Intel Corporation: McAfee Threats Report Shows Global Expansion Of Cybercrime
by Ali Loney on November 14, 2012

Tags: security, AppSec Spotlight

Business Wire – (International) Intel Corporation: McAfee Threats Report shows global expansion of cybercrime. McAfee November 14 released the McAfee Threats Report: Third Quarter 2012, which explores techniques in cybercrime as well as the global evolution of cyber exploits. The latest report uncovers new details of “Operation High Roller.” It states that mobile malware almost doubled the previous quarter’s total, and reveals an all-time high in database breaches. McAfee Labs also saw jumps in some categories of malware, including ransomware and signed binaries. Rootkits and Mac malware continue to rise, while password-stealing Trojans and AutoRun malware also trended strongly upward.


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