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U.N. Atom Agency Says Stolen Information On Hacker Site
by Ali Loney on November 27, 2012

Tags: security, AppSec Spotlight

Reuters – (International) U.N. atom agency says stolen information on hacker site. The U.N. nuclear watchdog said information stolen from one of its former servers had been posted on a hacker Web site November 27, and it was taking “all possible steps” to ensure its computer systems and data were protected. The stolen information was contained in a statement by a hacking group. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said the theft concerned “some contact details related to experts working” with the Vienna-based agency but it did not say who might have been behind the action. A Western diplomat said the stolen data was not believed to include information related to confidential work carried out by the IAEA. The statement posted under the name “Parastoo” included a large number of email addresses. An IAEA spokeswoman said the agency “deeply regrets this publication of information stolen from an old server that was shut down some time ago”. “The IAEA’s technical and security teams are continuing to analyze the situation and do everything possible to help ensure that no further information is vulnerable,” she said.


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