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DevOps Leadership Series: Software Supply Chains [Video]

We kicked off this series on Monday with Gene Kim (@RealGeneKim) sharing his views on the big theme for DevOps in 2015: proving that DevOps is applicable for large organizations.

Another theme that arose often during our recent “DevOps: Wine-ing, Not Whining” event was the importance of software supply chains. Every software development organization has a software supply chain, and DevOps leaders are now applying principles from lean manufacturing, Deming, and Toyota supply chain management to improve their operations.


They are applying software supply chain management principles help:

  • choose higher quality parts (e.g., software binaries, containers, microservices)
  • select higher quality suppliers (e.g., fewer defects, faster MTTR records), and
  • improve traceability (e.g.., identifying defects or known vulnerabilities to expedite break/fix)

Today, we will hear from Jez Humble (Chef), Julie Tsai (Retail Giant) andNick Galbreath (Signal Sciences) as they discuss on importance of software supply chains and DevOps. Then after watching the videos, you can learn more about the sea change in software supply chain automation in these two blogs from Mike Hansen (Software Supply Chain Automation) and Ericka Chickowski (Security, DevOps and the shift to a software supply chain).

Here are today’s short videos from our 2015 DevOps Leadership Series:

Jez Humble, Vice President, Chef

Julie Tsai, Director of IT Engineering, Retail Giant

Nick Galbreath, Founder and CTO, Signal Sciences

NOTE: If you have missed any of the other videos from this series, you can find them here. (We’re up to 15 so far).

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