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Audra Davis-Hurst

Audra is a content creator diving into the depths of open source and software supply chain management. In her spare time, she loves hanging out with her friends and family, snuggling her circus of pets, reading, and playing video games.

Sonatype Repository Firewall is an easy solution for a big problem

6 minute read time

Discover Sonatype Repository Firewall's AI-driven protection for SDLCs, blocking malicious components and ensuring a more secure software supply chain.

Sonatype's SBOM generation capabilities outpace the competition

8 minute read time

Better data, a dedicated security team, and the analytical capabilities of BOM Doctor are all part of what makes Sonatype's SBOM capabilities superior.

Sonatype Lifecycle boosts open source security and dependency management

10 minute read time

Nexus Lifecycle is designed to monitor for problems at every stage of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and automatically address them.

Pursue growth with a software engineering internship at Sonatype

By Audra Davis-Hurst on September 14, 2022 News and Views

3 minute read time

Sonatype's software engineering internship program was created for passionate learners to experience the complexity of modern software development.