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Awkash Agrawal

Awkash is a developer advocate. He helps developers, QA, and DevOps people reach their true potential, unblocking them so that they can achieve goals faster. "I love to explore latest technologies and manage large teams. I believe technology should be simple otherwise it is hard to adopt and survive. My specialties are in polyglot modern systems such as Java, Spring, Cloud, Docker, Angular, and CI/CD."

How to Publish Docker Images on a Private Nexus Repository Using Jib Maven Plugin

By Awkash Agrawal on June 08, 2020 AppSec

4 minute read time

Learn how to publish Docker images to a private Nexus repository with the help of the Maven Jib plugin.

How to Use Nexus Repository With Maven Deploy [VIDEO]

By Awkash Agrawal on May 11, 2020 Maven

2 minute read time

This short video and outline of steps demonstrate how to deploy Maven from Nexus Repository.

Sonatype Nexus Repository 3.20 Installation, Admin Login, and Port Change [VIDEO]

By Awkash Agrawal on March 27, 2020 Nexus Repository

2 minute read time

This five minute Nexus Repository installation video covers all the tidbits, from login via admin to changing the port.