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Crystal Derakhshan

Crystal is a Product Marketing Manager for the Advanced Legal Pack, Container, Cloud, and Disconnected solutions. She is passionate about amplifying the voice of the customer and product positioning. When she's not working on bringing value to the DevSecOps community, she is boxing, cooking, or playing with her dog Mila.

Sonatype unveils state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence Component Detection

By Crystal Derakhshan on February 22, 2024 Software Supply Chain

3 minute read time

Learn how Sonatype's AI/ML Component Detection transforms software development in an AI-driven world for top security, innovation and an easily managed software supply chain.

7 software license types explained: Open source and closed source

By Crystal Derakhshan on April 26, 2023 Open Source

7 minute read time

Navigate the complexities of software licenses with this comprehensive guide. Explore their differences, implications, & management strategies.

Sonatype Lifecycle and Firewall now available in the cloud

By Crystal Derakhshan on February 01, 2023 Product Release

4 minute read time

Sonatype’s new cloud offer means customers looking to scale and secure their software development lifecycle can do so with less maintenance and infrastructure.

A guide to deployment models: Self-hosted, cloud, and air-gapped

6 minute read time

Which deployment option is right for your software supply chain? An analysis of the pros and cons of self-hosted, cloud, and air-gapped deployment.