Daniel Longest

With over a decade in the software field, Daniel Longest has worked in basically every possible role, from tester to project manager, development manager to enterprise architect. He has deep technical experience in .NET and database application development. After several experiences with agile transformations and years spent coaching and mentoring developers, he's passionate about how organizational design, engineering fundamentals, and continuous improvement can be united in modern software development.

Can Kubernetes keep a secret?

By Daniel Longest on June 10, 2020 AppSec

4 minute read time

Kubernetes Secrets store usernames and passwords as base-64 encoded strings. They are obscured from casual browsing, but this is the same as plaintext.

Getting Your Security Program to Shift Left: Operationalizing Security Controls via DevSecOps

By Daniel Longest on May 21, 2020 shift left

3 minute read time

Map the automation opportunities into your software development lifecycle as part of coordinated strategies to shift security left.

OWASP Security Knowledge Framework

By Daniel Longest on March 24, 2020 security

4 minute read time

OWASP's security knowledge framework (SKF) is a method to help web and app developers establish best practices at each stage of product development.