Eddie Knight

Eddie Knight is a Software and Cloud Engineer on Sonatype's Developer Relations team. With a background in fintech, he regularly works on open source software, including contributions to CNCF projects and working as a maintainer for the Compliant Financial Services project in FINOS. He also enjoys spending time being terrible at woodworking and creative writing.

What the OpenSSL Vulnerabilities Are…and Aren't (CVE-2022-3786 & CVE-2022-3602)

By Eddie Knight on November 01, 2022 Known Vulnerabilities

4 minute read time

It’s been a week since we were warned about the OpenSSL vulnerability. We're here to help you understand what this vulnerability is and what it is not.

Stop the Low-Quality Contribution Plague

By Eddie Knight on October 20, 2022 Open Source

5 minute read time

You’ve heard the phrase. Today we talk about how to actually low quality when contributing to open source projects.

How to Become a New Open Source Contributor

By Eddie Knight on October 13, 2022 developer centric

4 minute read time

There is no perfect recipe for getting involved with an OSS community, but there are some things you can do to help you get past the barriers to entry.