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Keiana King

Keiana is a Digital Marketing Copywriter at Sonatype with a passion for brand communication. Based in Brooklyn, NY and originally from Northern Virginia, Keiana studied Product and Brand Management at Virginia Commonwealth University. When she's not gawking over her favorite brands she's out hunting taco spots.

Unlocking the power of binary repositories: A DevOps team’s best friend

By Keiana King on February 28, 2024 binary repository

3 minute read time

Explore how a well-managed binary repository can be your silent hero, streamlining dependency management and fortifying security.

Mastering SBOMs: Demonstrations

By Keiana King on February 20, 2024 Development strategy

3 minute read time

Sonatype's webinar highlighted real-world applications of software bills of materials (SBOMs) and provided uses cases for SBOM optimization

Mastering SBOMs: Best practices

By Keiana King on February 06, 2024 Development strategy

2 minute read time

Check out Sonatype's recent webinar that sheds light on the importance of software bills of materials (SBOMs) in software development.

Five ways to improve your code quality

By Keiana King on December 08, 2021 code quality

5 minute read time

Inspired by the newest course from Sonatype Learn, Five Ways to Improve Your Code Quality, tips to reduce risk and across the five pillars of code quality.