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Mark Henke

Mark Henke has spent over 10 years architecting systems that talk to other systems, doing DevOps before it was cool, and matching software to its business function. Every developer is a leader of something on their team, and he wants to help them see that.

SBOM – From the idea of transparency to the reality of code

4 minute read time

Allan Friedman from the NTIA has been working on SBOM standards in government and industry, for years. He spoke at ELEVATE 2021 about their status and future.

Sonatype CEO on the future of the software supply chain

5 minute read time

Sonatype's CEO Wayne Jackson talked about Maven, the software supply chain, and speed vs. security no longer being at odds, at the 2020 Nexus User Conference.

How to establish an open source program office

By Mark Henke on June 24, 2020 open source governance

3 minute read time

Develop an open source software program office to streamline use and compliance. By aligning goals with success metrics, the value of the office is clear.

From Burping to Flying - Red Teaming with Nexus at Intuit

By Mark Henke on May 24, 2019 devsecops

3 minute read time

Security is too important to leave out of DevOps. Learn why, and how to unite the two, from Shannon Lietz's 2018 Nexus User Conference session.