Micah Horvat

As a Product Owner and UX Designer for Nexus IQ Server, I’m fortunate enough to work with a world class team, delivering a world class product. At Sonatype, I work with my team and our users to cultivate and communicate a vision of ever friendlier, more efficient, and more valuable component intelligence. Outside of Sonatype, I like to read, cook, and hang out in the woods with a backpack.

Nexus Lifecycle Report Redesign Survey

By Micah Horvat on March 12, 2018 Nexus Lifecycle

2 minute read time

Nexus Lifecycle Reporting Redesign survey

Violations Detail View Coming to Nexus IQ Server

By Micah Horvat on November 01, 2017

3 minute read time

In the coming months, the Nexus Lifecycle team will be implementing a new page in IQ Server, providing details on a particular policy violation.

How Much Value Are You Getting From Nexus Lifecycle?

By Micah Horvat on August 22, 2017 Nexus Lifecycle

1 minute read time

Success Metrics generates a report highlighting the overall policy health of your projects, and the progress you are making in remediating policy violations