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by Ryan Berg, on July 15, 2014

Tags: Cyber Supply Chain Management and Transparency Act, H.R. 5793, government open source software (GOSS), open source risks, vulnerable components, open source components, Cyber Chain Integrity Act, application supply chain management, Everything Open Source, Wayne Jackson, josh corman, component vulnerabilities, open source software supply chain, Cyber Supply Chain, Application Security, bill of materials (of 3rd party and open source co, cyber supply chain management, Software supply chain management, AppSec Spotlight

by Ryan Berg, on May 07, 2014

Tags: openid, open source components, oauth, component vulnerabilities, Application Security, heartbleed, AppSec Spotlight

by Ryan Berg, on May 02, 2014

Tags: Sonatype Says, open source components, component vulnerabilities, Application Security, AppSec Spotlight, web applications, verizon data breach report, web attacks

by Ryan Berg, on February 24, 2014

Tags: Component Lifecycle Management, Sonatype Says, HP Fortify, Everything Open Source, open source application scan, Application Security, AppSec Spotlight

by Ryan Berg, on December 23, 2013

Tags: PCI, information security, target, data protection, data security, data privacy, AppSec Spotlight, security breach

by Ryan Berg, on September 05, 2013

Tags: risk analysis, Gary McGraw, Devops, AppSec Spotlight

by Ryan Berg, on July 23, 2013

Tags: Sonatype Says, Apple, AppSec Spotlight, security breach

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