Ryan Knell

I have working been in the cyber security field for the past 10 years. I began my first internship at CSX railroad during college and then another a few years later after finishing college at Aspect Security.

Thereafter, I began working at AT&T performing vulnerability assessments and intrusion detection/prevention. For the past 7 years, I worked at Citi bank, performing vulnerability assessments against network infrastructure and web applications.

I am currently a Senior Application Security Researcher at Sonatype. I research vulnerabilities that exist in open-source software which ultimately feeds our Nexus IQ product.

Bracing for Impact in More Ways than One -- Apache Struts2 (S2-053)

By Ryan Knell on September 12, 2017 Nexus Lifecycle

5 minute read time

How one Sonatype Engineer responded to the Apache Struts2 announcement... while dealing with a hurricane bearing down on him.