Stephen Magill

Stephen Magill is Vice President of Product Innovation at Sonatype. He’s the former CEO of MuseDev, a software company acquired by Sonatype, and is dedicated to helping developers write their best code through code quality automation.Stephen is a world-recognized expert on program analysis and was previously a principal scientist at Galois. Among his other accomplishments, he earned his Ph.D and M.S in CS from Carnegie Melon and serves on the University of Tulsa Industry Advisory Board.

What is Code Quality? 5 Software Development Checks You Should be Automating

By Stephen Magill on April 05, 2022 How-To

4 minute read time

One of the most tangible ways to improve software is writing and maintaining good source code, but how do you make that part of your process?

Prioritizing Open Source Vulnerabilities: Is Reachability Useful?

By Stephen Magill on December 06, 2021 Open Source

8 minute read time

Good software composition analysis (SCA) can reduce open source risk, but poor results slows development. Can prioritization based on reachability help?