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Sylvia Fronczak

Sylvia Fronczak is a software developer that has worked in various industries with various software methodologies. She’s currently focused on design practices that the whole team can own, understand, and evolve over time.

Holding the Industry Accountable

Humans often need to experience something before we change. As DevSecOps practitioners and leaders we should always be asking what needs changing and why.

ZeroTrustOps: Securing at Scale

By Sylvia Fronczak on June 19, 2020 AppSec
With zero trust, you assume everything on the network is unsafe. You have to check trust explicitly. This stance improves security throughout the SDLC.

The World Bank Group's Cloud Journey With DevSecOps

By Sylvia Fronczak on April 28, 2020 devsecops
The World Bank Group works to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity. They work on many fronts handling sensitive data, a place for DevSecOps.

Breaking Bad: DevOpsSec to DevSecOps

By Sylvia Fronczak on April 09, 2020 devsecops
Sean Davis (@seanasaservice) guides us through DevSecOps from a holistic view, using the television show Breaking Bad as the basis for our exploration.

Department of Defense DevSecOps Journey

By Sylvia Fronczak on March 30, 2020 government
The DevSecOps stack is open source and open to the public. Everything is infrastructure as code and can run on any environment, leveraging Kubernetes.

Shifting Security Left: The Innovation of DevSecOps

By Sylvia Fronczak on January 02, 2020 shift left
DevSecOps is a cultural shift that reinforces the mindset that everyone is responsible for security. Here's why this idea is so innovative and productive.

Tools, Not Rules

By Sylvia Fronczak on June 12, 2019 DevOps Culture
American Express went through a DevOps identity crisis to fully understand how important culture was to making the right tools stick in their organization. Tim Klever shares their lessons learned.

Top 5 Tomcat Vulnerabilities

By Sylvia Fronczak on June 12, 2019 vulnerability
If you spend time monitoring and patching OSS projects, you know Tomcat has some vulnerabilities. Today, Tomitribe walked us through 5 of those vulnerabilities.

Build Better Component Practices: Crawl. Walk. Run.

By Sylvia Fronczak on November 06, 2018 component governance
Whether you're just getting started or attempting to take the next step in improving your organization's open source processes, there are lessons you can learn. Sonatype's lead customer success