Theresa Mammarella

Theresa is a software engineer and developer advocate who enjoys helping developers harness the full potential of their tools to create innovative solutions. Theresa has a background as an open source contributor to Java Virtual Machine and compiler projects at IBM and Red Hat. She has now embarked on a new journey into the exciting realm of security and static analysis tooling, advocating for the needs of developers. When she's not coding, Theresa loves to spend her time volunteering with animal rescues and exploring the great outdoors, where she can often be found hiking, camping, or simply soaking up nature's beauty.

SCA and SAST: What do they do and how can they help developers like you?

By Theresa Mammarella on January 03, 2023 AppSec

5 minute read time

SCA and SAST tools help DevSecOps teams and application developers work together to identify vulnerabilities and improve security.

What do Log4Shell and a global pandemic have in common?

By Theresa Mammarella on November 15, 2022 AppSec

4 minute read time

A look at development through the lens of weddings, including long-term planning, contingencies, and disasters. A video talk from this years DEVOXX.

What's new with Java? A discussion with the London Java Community

3 minute read time

What's new with Java? Musings from the recent London Java Community event, Including insight on Java 11 and Java 17 migration, Static Java, UI technology.