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Improving the Nexus Search Experience
by Daniel Sauble on February 08, 2018

Tags: Nexus Repository 3, search, Nexus UX Design

Our team has been busy making improvements to the Nexus Repository Manager 3 experience, including a new tree view in 3.7 and a new upload UI (releasing soon). One of the areas we want to improve next is the search experience.

Improving the Nexus Search Experience

We’ve received a lot of individual bits of search feedback since the initial 3.0 release, but we haven’t yet gone and consolidated this feedback in a way that lets us decide how to improve search holistically. This is where all of you come in!

If you use search in Nexus Repository Manager (either 2 or 3), we’d love to hear more about your experiences. This feedback will be used to shape the improvements we’ll make to the search experience in the near future.

The survey is here, and should take roughly 5 minutes to complete.

Also, this is completely optional, but if you’re willing to spend 30 minutes talking to us about your experiences with search, go ahead and provide your name and email in the survey. We’ll reach out with more details.

Thanks in advance!

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