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[New Live Series] Dev Chat with Dan Conn: Beware of Malware

March 20, 2023 By Sonatype

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We’re excited to announce our newest monthly live stream series, Dev Chat with Dan Conn! Each month, join us for snack-sized episodes covering the latest trends and issues facing developers and DevOps professionals. 

Malware, or malicious software, has been around since the dawn of computing, with the first known virus being created in 1971. Over the years, malware has evolved and become more sophisticated, with new types of malware constantly emerging. In this inaugural episode, Dan discusses the wild west of malware and its impact on software development. 

For this segment of Dev Chat, we explore the different types of malware, such as viruses and worms, their origins, how they spread, and the damage they can cause. And what developers can do to prevent a malware attack. With the potential for malware to wreak havoc greater than ever before, Dan also dives into what steps developers can take and tools they can leverage to combat the threat of malware attacks.

Don’t miss the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in your field, and check out our first episode today! Hit Subscribe on YouTube and join the conversation.

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Written by Sonatype