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Nexus Repository Manager: Retention Policies and Cleanup (Survey)

March 12, 2018 By Michael Prescott

An active Nexus Repository Manager instance can put a lot of demands on storage space. If you’re running NXRM, you may be feeling this now.

Perhaps you have teams churning out daily snapshots. Perhaps you have continuous deployment pipelines churning out space-eating container builds every time a developer commits a source code change. Or maybe you just serve a horde of developers.

Whatever scale you’re running at, we want to hear from you. We’re planning a round of cleanup features in NXRM 3.x, and we want to make sure we understand your needs.

Help us get a clearer picture by filling out our survey. We’re also looking for a handful of people to talk with directly.

Survey link:

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Written by Michael Prescott

Michael is Sonatype's Nexus Repository Product Owner. He takes a functional approach to problem solving and works closely with his team to find solutions to software development issues.