On the Road Again: Here Comes September

September 06, 2022 By Steve Poole

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September is the start of the developer community’s most intense period of conferences and Sonatype is going to be at quite a few of them. Folk from the DevRel team will be speaking, presenting, and there to help the community at open source conferences, Java conferences, and more throughout the month. 

Check back often for new additions to the list:

Sept 7 JavaZone, Oslo @spoole167 and "The Secret Life of Maven Central"
Sept 10 VoxxedDays, Milano

@spoole167 keynote on "Superman or Ironman - can everyone be a 10x developer?" 

Or visit our booth to talk to @hboutemy about all things to do with Apache Maven.
Sept 13 Open Source Summit, Dublin

@Kimmich_Compute will be talking about "The Gender Gap in Open Source is a Metadata Problem (and we can fix it) "

Or visit our booth to talk to others including @spoole167 and @the_eddieknight.
Sept 22 Jconf, Chicago

Includes the fabulous FooJay.io day!

Sonatype folk include:

@spoole167 talking with Gradle's @jreock about "Superman or Ironman - can everyone be a 10x developer?", exploring  "Log4J, SpringShell and all that Jazz (or why bad things can happen to good software)"   ,and the magical "The Secret Life of Maven Central".     

@t_mammarella explaining "Making Good Choices and Untangling the Yarn Ball Of Open Source Java Dependencies"  and "How your Friendly Neighbourhood JDK Protects You"

And of course we have a booth where you can talk to these folk and others, including @the_eddieknight  and our primary podcast presenter @KadiGrigg - the driving force behind "Wicked Good Development"

Sept 30 VoxxedDays Athens Our month of travel ends as we visit Athens where @spoole167 and @olimpiupop will be talking about "Stop Security by Sleight of Hand"


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Written by Steve Poole

Developer Advocate, Security Champion, DevOps practitioner (whatever that means) Long time Java developer, leader and evangelist. I’ve been working on Java SDKs and JVMs since Java was less than 1. JavaOne Rockstar, JSR leader and representation, Committer on open source projects including ones at Apache, Eclipse and OpenJDK. A seasoned speaker and regular presenter at international conferences on technical and software engineering topics.