Struts2 Breach at Equifax was 100% Preventable. Here's how.

September 20, 2017 By Ilkka Turunen

29 second read time

The breach at Equifax is a siren call. It's time for organizations to approach the problem of managing open source software by using automated technology, not manual processes. In this video, Ilkka Turunen walks through how Nexus Lifecycle would have alerted an organization to its use of an open source component with a known vulnerability, and then shown steps to remediation.

Tags: Nexus Lifecycle, Struts, Apache Struts2, Struts2 vulnerability

Written by Ilkka Turunen

Ilkka serves as Field CTO at Sonatype. He is a software engineer with a knack for rapid web-development and cloud computing and with technical experience on multiple levels of the XaaS cake. Ilkka is interested in anything and everything, always striving to learn any relevant skills that help towards building Sonatype for success.